NCDOT Hydraulic Design Projects

Sungate has been prequalified for Hydraulic Design with NCDOT since 1992 and have completed hydraulic designs for hundreds of NCDOT projects including interstates, expressways, urban curb and gutter roads, rural highways, bridge replacement and rail projects. Below is a sample list of selected projects Sungate has completed:

  • I-5986B (I-95 Widening – Johnston/Harnett County)
  • R-2707C, D, & E (US 74 Shelby Bypass – Cleveland County)
  • X-2C and U-2519DA (I-295 Fayetteville Outer Loop)
  • R-3300B (US 17 Hampstead Bypass – Pender County)
  • R-2915B and D (US 221 Widening – Ashe County)
  • R-5703 (Felix Harvey Parkway – Lenoir County)
  • U-3109A (NC 119 Mebane Bypass – Alamance County)
  • P-5206B and D, P-5208E (NCRR/NS Rail Improvements)
  • R-3403B and R-2513 (US 17 Widening – Beaufort/Craven County)
  • U-4751 (Military Cutoff Extension – New Hanover County)
  • U-2579B and C (Winston Salem Northern Beltway)


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NCDOT Bridge Replacement Projects

Sungate has completed over 500 Bridge Replacement Projects across North Carolina including all 14 Divisions. Our typical scope of work for bridge replacement projects includes drainage design, Bridge Survey Report (BSR), scour analysis, hydraulic modeling, FEMA coordination, sediment and erosion control design, Stormwater Management Plan, and environmental permit drawings.


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Design-Build Projects

Sungate has been a member of multiple teams awarded design-build projects.

  • R-2547 (US 64 Knightdale Bypass – Wake County)
  • I-4401 (I-40 Widening – Buncombe County)
  • R-2510B (US 17 Washington Bypass – Beaufort County)
  • R-2616 (US 601 Widening – Union County)
  • U-3412 (MLK Blvd – Union County)
  • U-2925 (Salem Creek Connector – Forsyth County)
  • R-2247CD and EC (Winston Salem Northern Beltway Interchanges)
  • U-2519DB (I-295 Fayetteville Outer Loop)
  • U-5713/R-5777 (US 70 Widening James City)
  • Hurricane Florence Recovery Package 4 (MCB Camp Lejeune)


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U-2925 Research Parkway Design-Build

This $68.9 Million Design/Build Project consisted of a 1.1-mile new location four-lane median-divided roadway from MLK, Jr. Drive, south of Winston-Salem State University, to Rams Drive at the Piedmont Triad Research Park. The project also included adding a diverging diamond interchange with US 52. As a part of the Blythe Design Build team, Sungate provided hydraulic design, sediment and erosion control design, and environmental permits.

I-95 Widening Project (I-5986B)

This project consisted of widening 10 miles of I-95 from south of Bud Hawkins Road (Exit 70) to I-40 (Exit 81). The project also included 8 interchange reconstructions with service roads. Sungate provided sediment and erosion control design, hydraulic design, FEMA coordination, nine Culvert Survey Reports, two Bridge Survey Reports, and environmental permits for the project.


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Lakewood Drive – Town of Wendell

Lakewood Drive was an unpaved gravel road in Wendell, NC. As part of a Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) project, Sungate completed all phases of the project from initial preliminary study phase and cost estimates through final design and construction administration. The project also involved coordination with the City of Raleigh Public Utilities Department for a water line replacement project.

Sungate completed the field surveys, public meetings, roadway and sidewalk plans, storm drainage calculations, sediment and erosion control plans, utility coordination, NCDOT encroachment agreement, environmental permitting, and bid and construction administration.


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Sidewalk and Greenway Projects

Sungate has extensive experience in sidewalk and greenway projects. We are fully capable of handling projects from the conceptual planning stage through construction administration and project close out. Below is a sample list of projects Sungate has completed:

  • American Tobacco Trail in Wake County
  • Church Street in Morrisville (CDBG Project)
  • Roberson Greenway in Carrboro
  • Town of Carrboro Sidewalk Bond Projects ($4 million)
  • North Main Street Sidewalk in Holly Springs
  • Sunset Lake Road Sidewalk in Holly Springs
  • Holly Springs Road Sidewalk in Holly Springs
  • Rogers Road Sidewalk in Carrboro


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Sediment and Erosion Control Design Projects

Sediment and erosion control design requires understanding and incorporation of construction methods and phasing, hauling roads, existing and proposed drainage patterns, and proper selection of effective erosion control measures. Sungate has extensive knowledge of NCDEQ Land Quality Section standards along with NCDOT methodologies for sediment and erosion control design. Sungate has completed designs for projects located in Environmentally Sensitive Areas (ESAs), for projects with Design Standards in Sensitive Watersheds (15A NCAC 04B.0124), and for projects with streams designated as Trout waters. Sungate has completed and permitted designs across the entire state for NCDOT, municipal, and private projects.

Hydraulic and Hydrologic Modeling Projects

Sungate has professional expertise in all phases of basin studies and flood studies from data collection, evaluation and analysis, public participatory process, conceptual design, environmental permitting, hydraulic studies, site design and engineering, permitting and approval, construction documentation and project administration. All the firm’s professional engineers have extensive experience with FEMA floodway modifications, HEC-2 and HEC-RAS backwater modeling software, as well as HEC-HMS and HydroCAD hydrologic modeling software. Below are a few projects Sungate has completed:

  • Tom’s Creek Study for the Town of Carrboro, NC– In response to historical flooding events, the Town commissioned Sungate to complete a Preliminary Hydrologic Study to investigate potential causes of flooding and available mitigation measures.  The study included hydrologic and hydraulic analyses, interviews with affected property owners, field surveys of highwater marks, possible mitigation efforts and associated costs.  Sungate staff investigated and analyzed multiple alternatives that included increased culvert sizes, lowering roadway sections to allow increased overtopping, buying affected properties, and providing detention and flood attenuation structures in the watersheds.
  • Studies for the Town of Holly Springs, NC– Sungate has completed basin studies and flood studies encompassing most of the Town’s jurisdiction including Remington Subdivision, Gable Ridge Drainage Basin, Winward Pointe Subdivision, Somerset Drainage Basin, and several other basins.
  • Hanson Quarry Study – Sungate modeled the potential impacts to flood elevations on Crabtree Creek based on converting the quarry to a flood control structure.
  • Lower Neuse River Greenway Flood Studies – Sungate analyzed crossings at 11 FEMA Detailed Study locations along the Neuse River and Crabtree Creek and provided Conditional Letters of Map Revision (CLOMRs) and subsequent Letters of Map Revision (LOMRs).


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Stream Restoration and Enhancement Projects

Sungate teams with local environmental firms and mitigation banks to complete designs for stream restoration and enhancement projects. Sungate provides detailed construction plans, GEOPAK horizontal and vertical alignments, 3D corridor modeling and proposed TIN development, hydraulic modeling, shear stress and sediment transport analysis, FEMA coordination, sediment and erosion control design including construction phasing plan, and permitting.

Municipal Support

Sungate supports several local municipalities providing consultant plan review services, Public Works Department projects, and assistance with Capital Improvement Projects. Since 1995, Sungate has served continuously as the Town Engineer for the Town of Carrboro and authored the original Stormwater Design Manual (Appendix I) of the Town’s Land Use Ordinance. Sungate provides technical assistance to the Floodplain Administrator. Sungate has also provided the Town of Holly Springs with on-call assistance in reviewing flood studies and drainage plans since 1998.